Inspectional Services


A Workman’s Comp Affidavit is required with all permit applications. Private homeowners are not required to have Workman’s Comp but they must submit the affidavit with the home owner box checked off.

Permit applications may downloaded. Building permit applications and associated documents must be submitted on paper and electronically. Mail paper documents to Building Dept., 895 Main St., Ashby, MA 01431. Email electronic documents to

Building Permit | Plumbing Permit | Gas fitting Permit Electrical Permit | Trench Permit | Driveway Permit

Building permit applications can take a few days to a few months to process depending on the particulars of your project. Please plan accordingly.

Building Permit checklist for:
Siding, Roof, Remodel,Wood/Pellet Stove | Porch or Deck | Swimming Pool Shed, Garage or Barn | Additions | New Home

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